Russian Blue Cats For Sale

Russian Blue Cats For Sale


Beautiful, cuddly, playful, pretty little fur babies!
Well handled by adults and children so very sociable and used to a busy home with other animals.
Love to play with each other, investigate their surroundings aswell as live to be scooped up and pampered with lots of cuddles!
Really lovely nature just like their mummy with her Russian blue petite features.
No papers, vaccinations etc.
Fully weaned and litter trained.
Ex appetites and extremely clean kittens using litter tray. Not even had one accident.
They have just been checked over by the vet who said they are very strong, well cared for kittens in ex health!
2 males black and white
I female tabby, ginger mix
Mummy can be seen with babies.
Ready this weekend.
Very experienced with kittens all my life so can give plenty of advice if needed.

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Product Description

russian blue cats for sale

We have available outstanding russian blue cats for sale at very cheap and affordable prices. He is potty trained, Vet checked, loves to play with kids, 

Cute, healthy, playful and friendly Russian Blue Male Kitten is ready for his new loving forever home. He is fully weaned, eating dry and wet kitten food, drinking water, flea and worm treated, fully litter trained, used to combing, scratch posts, has had his claws clipped.


We will not hold the kittens without a deposit anymore, as we have been on previous occasions, seriously let down holding a kitten for people who have not turned up and/or changed their minds. This is not fair on us and other potential owners after we have had to turn them away, disappointing them; but most importantly of all on the kittens, as they are at this point bonding with us and it makes it more difficult for the new owners!, russian blue cats for sale,  Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).


If you do not drive, we may be able to arrange delivery by ourselves for a fee, based on time and mileage.

Please phone or e-mail us at any time with any questions. Sometimes we have poor mobile reception, so please leave a message and we will be back to you as soon as possible as we are online most of time. All genuine e-mails will be answered.

How Big Does a Russian Blue Cats Get?

10-12 inches

How Much Does a Russian Blue Cats Weigh?

12-14 lbs

When Does a Russian Blue Cats Stop Growing?

18 months

What Color Coat Does a Russian Blue Have?

The Russian Blue has a distinctive “blue” coat — silvery grey, with a slight shimmer.

What Eye Colors Can a Russian Blue kittens Have?

Russian Blues usually have green or yellow eyes.